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Scheme of Work

Number Bases

  • Operations in different number bases from 2 - 10
  • Number Base conversion

Fractions, Decimals, Approximations and Percentages

  • Fractions, Decimals and Percentages
  • Rounding to Significant figures
  • Rounding to Decimal Places
  • Percentage Errors
  • Simple Interest
  • Profit and Loss percent
  • Ratio, Rate and Proportion

Indices, Logarithms and Surds

  • Laws of Indices
  • Standard Form
  • Laws of Logarithm
  • Logarithm of any positive number to a given base
  • Change of base in Logarithm and Application
  • Indices and Logarithm
  • Surds


  • Types of Sets
  • Algebra of Sets
  • Venn Diagrams and Their applications of sets

Scheme of Work


  • Change of Subject of Formula
  • Factor and Remainder Theorem
  • Factorisation of Polynomials of degree not exceeding 3
  • Multiplication and Division of Polynomials
  • Roots of Polynomials not exceeding degree 3
  • Simultaneous equations including one linear and one quadratic
  • Graphs of polynomials of degree not greater than 3


  • Direct
  • Inverse
  • Joint
  • Partial
  • Percentage increase and decrease


  • analytical and graphical solutions of linear inequalities
  • Quadratic inequalities with integral roots only


  • nth term of a progression
  • Sum of AP and GP

Binary Operations

  • Closure, Commutativity, Associativity and Distributivity
  • Identity and Inverse

Matrices and Determinants

  • algebra of matrices
  • determinants of matrices
  • inverse of 2 x 2 matrices

Scheme of Work

Euclidean Geometry

  • Properties of angles and lines
  • Polygons, triangles, quadrilaterals and general polygons
  • Circles: angle properties, cyclic quadrilaterals and intersecting chords
  • Construction


  • Length and area of plane geometrical figures
  • Length of arcs and chords of a circle
  • Perimeter and area of sectors and segments of circles
  • surface areas and volumes of solids and composite figures
  • The earth as a sphere - longitudes and latitudes


  • Locus in 2 dimension

Coordinate Geometry

  • midpoint and gradient of a line segment
  • distance between two points
  • parallel and perpendicular lines
  • equations and straight lines


  • trigonometrical ratios of angles
  • angles of elevation and depression
  • bearings
  • graphs and sine and cosine
  • sine and cosine formula

Scheme of Work

Representing Data

  • Frequency distribution
  • Histogram, Barchart and Pie chart

Measures of Location

  • Mean, median, mode of grouped and ungrouped data
  • cumulative frequency

Measures of Dispersion

  • range, mead deviation, variance and standard deviation

Permutation and combination

  • Linear and circular arrangements
  • Arrangements involving repeated objects

Scheme of Work


  • limit of a function
  • Differentiation of explicit algebraic and simple trig functions

Application of differentiation

  • Rate of change
  • maxima and minima


  • Integration of explicit algebraic and simple trig functions
  • area under the curve